Restaurant Food Service Equipment Repair

The premiere source for repair of restaurant food-service equipment.
Restaurants and food service are some of the most rapidly growing and sustaining industries in the entire world. People want food that is fast and accessible, and that will never change as long as humans need food to function. Because of this, the passionate contractors behind Superior Inc. made it their mission to focus in on restaurant equipment repair. Their restaurant kitchen service includes repairing grills, steamers, fryers, coolers, freezers, ovens, supplies, and other general food service equipment.
Having a reliable repair service on hand that specifically knows their way around food service equipment will allow customers to get their food in no time with minimal down time and minimal money loss. Superior Inc. provides 24 hour service for all types of restaurants. This allows maximum flexibility for those operating at late hours through the night. Without a service such as ours to be called during those times of the night, a company may lose out on customers and profit. We are also able to act as a factory service center and hub for many leading brands in the food equipment industry. Last but not least, we are able to install all major food-service equipment brands.
Superior Inc. offers more than just general repairs as they offer a plethora of customized repairs for each company. Most notable for the following restaurant food service equipment repairs:

Our Food-Service Equpiment Specialities

  • Grills
  • Ovens
  • Fryers
  • Coolers
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Gas and Electric Ovens
  • Steamers
  • Grease Traps
Repair Service
As mentioned, Superior Inc., is able to service, install and repair the above, but we're also experienced in HVAC and refrigeration, plumbing, remodeling, water heaters, exhaust systems, doors & hardware, and total electrical for all of those who have specific restaurant and food service repair needs. While a general contractor, Superior Inc., has a service contractor for anyone with any type of problem. Never waste another dime on ill-prepared contractors who don't have the exact and proper experience in restaurant equipment repair and restaurant kitchen service. Without the proper contractor, your commercial restaurant may crumble.
Located in Nashville, TN and other areas throughout the Southeast, Superior Inc., is named after their ability to bring their best, which is far beyond what the average restaurant service center can provide. The difference between Superior Inc., and the competitor is that they're able to work within your budget, directly control the project speeds, time line, costs, and more in order to have full control of your business and budget instead of a slew of contractors under multiple contracts. Having a general contractor like Superior Inc., will allow commercial restaurant owners to have a peace of mind at night and feel like their life's work is trusted in the extremely safe hands of Superior Inc.

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Complete Restaurant Service

We service, install and repair all pieces of food service equipment in your kitchen. Call us today to receive expert appliance repair.

Walk-In Freezer Repair

Your walk-in freezer is the lifeline of your business. It protects thousands of dollars of food. Let us protect your investment.

Oven & Stove Top Repair

Your commercial oven, stovetop and range is the heartbeat of your restaurant. Keeping them in great condition is mandatory for your success.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Like your freezer, it is essential to your restaurant to keep your refrigerator in top notch working condition. Superior Inc. is the right choice.

Fryers and Grease Traps

Having issues with your deep fryer or grease trap? We are the expert when it comes to installing, repairing, maintenancing and servicing all types.

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From ice machines to steam tables to bar coolers, we repair almost any type of resturant kitchen equipment. Call Superior Inc. today to see how we can help!