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Operating a restaurant requires taking extra precautions with the kitchen ventilation system you have in place or choose to have installed. The right exhaust hoods and restaurant exhaust systems will help ensure safety as well as a healthier environment for your employees and customers. Whether you are operating a full service, quick service, hotel or hospital kitchen there are a number of things you need to know about installing and maintaining the proper commercial exhaust hood system in Nashville, Tennessee.
Having the most efficient equipment in place can help you cut cost on energy and increase productivity. When it comes to your exhaust hood system you want to ensure it properly maintains air quality as well as clearing away the smoke while using the least amount of energy possible. Your restaurant exhaust system should utilize features that allow you to minimize fan speeds. By reducing the fan speed you can save on almost 50 percent of the energy used to maintain the appropriate fan speed for your type of commercial kitchen.

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The exhaust hoods you have in place can also have a major impact on the amount of energy your restaurant exhaust systems uses. Back shelf or proximity-style commercial range hoods are the most energy efficient exhaust hoods you can use. Wall-mounted canopy vented hood systems are also optimal choices to reduce the energy used in your ventilation system since they require the least exhaust air.
Variable speed exhaust hoods offer an even greater way to save on energy cost. Typical exhaust hoods operate on a single speed fan, meaning it continually runs on high speed throughout the day, even during slow or idle times when it is not necessary to have it running on high. With a commercial range hood that allows for variable speed control, you will be able to determine how much ventilation is needed based on smoke and heat detection.
Your commercial ventilation system should utilize a minimum of two exhaust hoods. One exhaust hood is to vent the fumes and smoke out of the kitchen area, the second hood exhaust is specially designed to trap grease, soot, and exhaust from the cooking area. Each of these restaurant exhaust systems are placed over different equipment in the kitchen area. The smoke exhaust systems are intended for high-temperature cooking areas like pizza ovens and double stacked ovens. The grease exhaust hoods are intended for deep fryers, char-broilers, and griddles.

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When it comes to ensuring you have the proper commercial kitchen ventilation system in place in your kitchen you will want to work with a licensed and experienced professional to ensure you are in compliance with the Nashville, Tennessee laws and regulation. Superior Inc. can assist you in the installation, upgrade or replacement of your restaurant exhaust system. The proper vent hood systems can easily save you on your energy bills and the professionals at Superior Inc. can help you choose the most cost efficient restaurant exhaust system suitable for your business needs.

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