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The comfort of your customers or employees in your building should be a top priority and the air balancing throughout your building can have a major impact on their comfort level. Commercial air balancing ensures that the HVAC system you have in place in your business or restaurant is performing the way it was designed to and that your occupants are comfortable in the establishment. When it comes to testing your commercial air balance in Nashville, Tennessee there are two general air balance test that can be performed.

Comfort Air Balancing Test

Testing for comfort air balancing can be simply done by walking from room to room in your building and deciding whether the room feels comfortable in terms of the air flow within it. This can be done by holding a hand up to the ceiling to feel if a sufficient amount of air is coming out of the ventilation system. Another easy and simple test involves opening the main entrance/exit to your building. When you pull the door open, do you feel air rushing out towards you or sucking you in? This is often times an indication that your air is not properly balanced within your building. This leads to higher electricity bills and terrible HVAC efficiency. Most often complaints about the air balancing revolve around the actual air circulation within a room. To resolve these issues, the registers may need to be moved or adjusted. Installing restrictors or dampers may also be recommended, while in some instance adjusting the air balance simply means ensuring the air is not being blown in a direction that falls directly on the occupants.

NBC Accredited Air Balance Test

Our certified air balance test is a more thorough commercial air balancing test that checks to see if the HVAC systems are operating efficiently. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioners are all checked to ensure they are working properly and in harmony to provide total comfort to all occupants. The NBC, National Balancing Council, certified air balance test is a more complex test that requires experienced and professional engineers or technicians, such as the ones employed at Superior Inc., to complete the test. There are a number of guidelines that must be followed and specialized tools that are utilized through the process. You want to ensure you hire a professional and skilled technician to perform this type of intricate air balance test.
Adjusting air balance in your commercial building can result in much happier customers and employees. It can also result in saving you energy and electricity costs. It is highly recommended that your commercial air balance is tested by a skilled and licensed professional in Nashville, Tennessee. Superior Inc. has the skilled technicians available on staff to assist you in your air balancing test. A professional can be easily scheduled to perform a comfort air balance test at your location to determine if any further testing needs to be done. If it is determined that your air balance systems need to be adjusted Superior Inc. has the professional staff that can assist in correcting and adjusting air balance in your commercial building to provide your occupants and customers with a more comfortable environment.

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