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About Us

Superior, Inc. is a general contractor and subcontractor construction company based in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Superior’s owner, Tim Hill, founded the company in 1985 after gaining a vast amount of experience in the construction business. From the very start, Tim’s vision was to grow Superior into a business that provides complete construction contracting services with little to no outside subcontracting, and that is known for consistently delivering exceptional quality work and service.

During its first few years, most projects that Superior was involved in were related to electrical and refrigeration subcontracting within the food service industry. As the company gained further expertise through the hiring of personnel who specialize in specific aspects of the construction business, it began to take on more diverse and complete construction projects as a general contractor. Now over twenty years later, Superior excels as the single source provider in building construction services for business, industry and individuals throughout the South and Southeast.


Superior, Inc. is frequently described as your single source provider. Unlike most general contractors who just manage a project and subcontract out most or all of the actual work, Superior has an extensive team of professional employees who are capable of completing full construction projects with little to no outside help. In this way, we are able to consistently maintain the very best quality workmanship and directly control project speed and timelines, work perfection, costs to budgets and more. Because we complete most projects on our own with little or no subcontracting, our customers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they have chosen a highly experienced and reputable company that takes direct ownership and pride in everything it does.

Superior offers complete commercial, residential and industrial general contracting and subcontracting services in the South. For larger chain type business accounts, Superior extends its service area to provide equipment retrofits in the states where the chain does business. Superior’s 24/7 service department operates in Middle Tennessee and Charlotte NC.